Cotterpillar starter packs

If you don’t have a name quite yet, why not buy a starter pack and then letters can be added to it later? Alternatively our starter packs make a delightful addition to your cot in their own right … £40 each

Choose one of these selections - or create your own with individual pieces.

hearts & flowers


Made from a luxuriously velvety fabric, generously filled with soft wadding, our Cotterpillar pieces all fully achieve the required UK safety standards. The features have been securely embroidered using a high quality, lustrous silver thread.

Cotterpillar words

Some delightful alternatives to spelling out the baby’s name… or you can create your own message with individual letters.

cotterpillar dream


cotterpillar sleep


cotterpillar love


cotterpillar baby


Just the words

If you’d rather keep it simple, these are still ohhh so comfy…