The Cotterpillar story...

The brainchild of Winchester based Mel Panario, Cotterpillar has been 24 years in the making. Like so many parents, Mel spent hours reaching over the cot-side soothing and consoling her little ones, leaning on a folded blanket to make the experience less painful. The Cotterpillar is a much more comfortable and ‘ooh that’s gorgeous’ solution which you can personalise to suit – and with it, Mel has built a brand new brand.

Formerly an Assistant Director with BBC Drama and now with grown up children, Mel has embraced a new chapter in her life by bringing her idea to fruition. A steep learning curve sourcing materials, heading overseas to meet manufacturers and working on countless prototypes… and at last Cotterpillar was born.

And it's only the beginning ...

Cotterpillar has made it through a lockdown and the Cotterpillar family has grown and grown. New products are on the way, pink and blue have been introduced and there are lots of other ideas in the pipeline too… so watch this space!

If you’d like more information about Cotterpillar, if you are a brand who would like to work collaboratively, or if you have a press enquiry. we’d love to hear from you.

“I wanted my Cotterpillar to be primarily a great quality product, made by happy people. The manufacturer I have chosen uses ethical production processes and shares my passion... that is very important to me.”


The Cotterpillar Team...

With Mel at the helm keeping things moving forward, the Cotterpillar team combines the numeric know-how of the awesome Daniel, the artistic eye of photographer Connie, the transportation skill of Tallulah the Tuk-Tuk and some marvellous marketing help from Erica & Andrew.

If you give us a call or pop us a DM, you’re pretty likely to get straight through to Mel, but Rufus is always up for a chat if Mel’s not available.

Cotterpillar founder Mel Panario