personalised nursery and bedroom accessories, sooo comfy to lean on!​

Comfy and useful

Cotterpillar has been carefully tested and developed to create a soft cushion over the cot rail so that when you lean in, it’s nice and comfy. Also brilliant for reducing the likelihood of your baby bumping their chin or head or for discouraging them from biting the edge of the cot.

Built with a sprung clip, each individual piece hugs the side of the rail, so you can create and arrange yours however you’d like. 

this one is 60
this one is 70
this one is 80

each piece is £‎10 and you can build your Cotterpillar just as you like it

Not just for cots

Cotterpillar is safe from birth but is also brilliant throughout childhood. Cotterpillar starts on the side of the crib and then when your little one moves onto the cot, Cotterpillar is a familiar face which can move too… and that often helps to ease the transition.

cot rails...
and more...

...and as your child grows, Cotterpillar comes too

£15 each
or buy 2 and save £5

Meet our Cuddlers

Our gorgeous, snuggly Cuddlers make perfect little companions. 

Never be without a cuddler, whilst one is in the wash, have a spare.  Available in pink, blue or grey and made from the same velvety and machine washable fabric.

from tiny...
to toddler...
To teen

perfect personalised gift for babies & toddlers

Great for gifts

For personalised and original baby gifts, Cotterpillar is the ideal solution. When it comes to gifts for new babies, Cotterpillar is perfect because it’s safe from birth, comfy to lean on and is a truly original baby gift.

Not sure what to gift? Surprise them with a Cotterpillar gift card.

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