Perfect gift for a new baby

If you’re looking for an ideal baby gift then how about an adorable personalised Cotterpillar? When it comes to gifts for new babies, Cotterpillar is perfect because it’s safe from birth, comfy to lean on and is a truly original baby gift.

Gift for a new baby
Great gift for new born baby

Baby Gifts perfect for toddlers and new borns

Not only is a Cotterpillar one of those baby gifts perfect for toddlers, it’s also a great gift for new borns. In fact, even older children love a personalised Cotterpillar for their bed head or bunk bed.

Personalised and original baby gift

For personalised and original baby gifts, Cotterpillar is the ideal solution. With a choice of colours to choose from including classic neutral grey and pretty-in-pink , a gorgeous array of picture pieces to add and the option of adding a name or a special word to your Cotterpillar, it really does make a great baby gift for a new mum.

Personalised and original baby gift

Keepsake gifts for baby girl or boy

The lovely thing about Cotterpillar is that it’s safe from birth but is also brilliant throughout childhood. Cotterpillar starts on the side of the crib and then when your little one moves onto the cot, Cotterpillar is a familiar face which can move too… and that often helps to ease the transition.

Once your baby moves up to a bed or bunk, Cotterpillar will sit very happily on the bed head or on the side of the bunk … or you can create your own piece of personalised wall art by opting for our beautiful Cotterpillar Keepsake Shelf.