The Cotterpillar Alphabet...

Seeing your little ones with their Cotterpillar friends is one of our favourite things, and that’s why we started the Cotterpillar Alphabet. We had to cheat a little bit on a couple of letters (we’re still searching for a Yuri or Yvonne!) but we’ve managed A-Z. If you’d like your little one featured, just send us a photo and we’ll add it in.

Our gallery…

Take a look at some of the other fantastic pictures we’ve had of your gorgeous little ones, beautiful nurseries and Cotterpillars on cots, ball pits, changing tables, bed heads, next to me cribs, pet pens – and grown-up beds!

We LOVE it when you tag, mention or send us a photo – so please keep on doing it! #cotterpillarlife

Cotterpillar head & tail

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