About Cotterpillar

Made from luxuriously soft, velvety fabric, the Cotterpillar is an adorable addition to the nursery, with a very practical benefit. 

The simple to slip on, modular sections combine to create a fabulous feature which is also an ‘oh so comfortable’ padded cover to protect against bruises as you lean over to soothe your little one.

so easy to set up, each piece comes separately

Cotterpillar's modular design means you can create a personalised gift that will become a forever keepsake

In safe hands…

Constant companion

Cotterpillar’s not just for cots. It’s also perfect for next-to-me’s, cribs, changing tables, ball pits, play pens, bed-sides and headboards…. so as your baby grows from tiny, to toddler, to tweenie; their Cotterpillar can keep them company every day.

Once your little one is not-so-little, great for keeping things tidy, move onto one of our stylish Cotterpillar Keepsake shelf.

"We’ll deliver your Cotterpillar via Royal Mail, carefully packaged in our stylishly branded, calico drawstring bag – so whether it’s for you or a gift for somebody else, unwrapping it is a special treat.